Wood Therapy

Wood Therapy is a holistic and non-invasive massage technique that uses wooden tools to target stubborn fat deposits, reduce cellulite, promote lymphatic drainage, and rejuvenate the skin. At Tiam Spa, we offer this unique treatment to help you achieve a smoother, tighter, and more sculpted appearance.

How does Wood Therapy work?

Wood Therapy involves the use of specially designed wooden tools, such as rollers, sculpting cups, and scraping instruments, to stimulate circulation and manipulate the body’s tissues. These tools are applied using various massage techniques, allowing for deep penetration and effective contouring of the body.

Benefits of Wood Therapy

Why Choose Tiam Spa for Wood Therapy?

At Tiam Spa, we prioritize your well-being and satisfaction. Our experienced therapists are trained in the art of Wood Therapy and will customize the treatment to address your specific concerns and goals. Here’s why you should choose us:

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