Tiam Spa Laser and Skin Center does not offer any refunds or exchanges under any circumstances. This applies to all packages, services, injectables, fillers, or products purchased over the phone or at the spa. Once purchased you are voluntarily authorizing Tiam Spa Laser and Skin Center to reserve all payments made. This includes your non refundable deposit for all consultations. No exceptions. All sales are final.


Recognizing that everyone’s time is valuable and appointment time is limited, we ask you to provide us at least a 24 hour notice prior to your appointment to avoid any cancellation or no-show fees. Failure to do so within the required time, Tiam Spa Laser and Skin Center has authorization to charge $150 with the CC provided on file. If the fee is not successfully processed, you must pay the invoice first prior to booking any appointment at Tiam Spa Laser and Skin center. Cancellations through email or social media platforms will not be accepted.

*When a patient does not show up for their scheduled appointment, another patient loses the opportunity to be seen. Without proper notice of cancellation, we are unable to fill in the missing slot. We understand situations may arise and we appreciate a notice in advance when that happens.


A non-refundable $50 deposit is required to book a consultation. Any changes or cancellations to the appointment without the required amount of notice will forfeit the deposit. If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment and have done so with the proper amount of notice (24 hours prior to your appointment date) the consultation fee will be credited on your file for (12) months. If you schedule after (12) months of expiration date, a new deposit will be required to book. If a service is booked the same day of your consultation, the fee will be credited towards that specific service. If you choose not to move forward with scheduling a treatment that day, the fee will not be credited.


To ensure the safest environment possible we kindly ask only those receiving treatments be present at the spa and service room. NO PETS, NO CHILDREN.


Tiam Spa Laser and Skin Center does not offer grace periods. Schedules are made weeks in advance with back to back appointments. If failure to show up on time for your appointment, only the remaining time of your treatment will be provided. Each patient is scheduled from check-in to their treatment time.


When purchasing over the phone or at our facility for a service, you are required to pay full payment. This will then be noted in your chart and reviewed each time upon your arrival. When you’ve prepaid a service or package it is set to expire (12) months from purchase date. We will not extend these services after a year. If a treatment included in the package is not used by the (12) month mark, they will be voided and removed from your account. If transferring unused treatments to another service, or in-store credit, the expiration date will remain the same.


Tiam Spa laser and Skin Center assures that all patients see their packages and services through. Patients can NOT choose to forfeit a treatment in exchange to not get charged for: same day cancellation or no show.


As a courtesy to our clients, our automated system will send you (4) separate text message reminders leading up to your appointment date. Should the appointment reminder system fail for any circumstance and you do NOT receive an appointment reminder, It is still your responsibility to manage your appointment and adhere to the cancellation policy.


Our experienced staff at Tiam Spa Laser and Skin Center are committed to serving you in the best way possible. We feel it right to be as transparent and communicate the possible outcomes/ risks of any procedure performed at the spa. How you may respond to a given treatment will vary from person to person. While it is virtually impossible to predict results, we always strive to achieve the absolute best results that we can do for you.

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