IPL Photo Rejuvenation Facial Treatment in McLean, VA

Have you ever looked in the mirror and wanted a clearer, more pleasing complexion? With IPL Rejuvenation treatments, you can have the complexion you’ve always wanted, giving you the confidence to go out and accomplish your dreams. 

In just a few short IPL Photofacial sessions, you will see remarkable improvement from superficial imperfections, blemishes, rosacea, age spots, and sun damage.

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What is Virginia IPL?

IPL or Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is the process of using light energy and a light-emitting device to target your skin concerns, whereby intense pulse light treatments deliver complete rejuvenation. It is not the same as using a laser. 

Light energy emitted from the device is absorbed by your pigment, known as melanin, and red blood cells in your dermis to generate heat. That heat then causes a superficial injury to the skin. This injury is short-lived and helps to activate your skin’s natural healing process without actually harming your facial tissue. 

IPL does not cause scarring, infection, or other skin complications. It’s completely non-invasive, which means there are no incisions, unlike plastic surgery.

Advantages of IPL Photofacial Treatment in Virginia

There are tons of skin care rejuvenation options and resurfacing out there, often making it difficult to choose the right one for you. Reviewing the advantages of Intense Pulsed Light Photofacial treatment is one of the best ways to determine whether it’s the best skin care option for our patients. 

Alternatively, you can visit us for a free phone consultation with one of our experts in skin care to determine if the IPL Photofacial is the right choice for your skin concerns. 

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Intense Pulsed Light Energy for Clear Skin

IPL photofacial treatment requires the use of a light-based technology to lighten red spots and brown discoloration. It evens out rosacea and other skin pigmentation. It dramatically improves uneven skin tone on its own and may also complement other laser treatments.

The intense Pulsed Light procedure is minimally invasive, safe, and virtually painless. It uses a handheld device to shoot pulses of broad-spectrum light energy to the target area. Beginning with a single 30-minute session at Tiam Spa Virginia location, you will immediately witness an improvement in your skin pigmentation, texture, and overall glow.

We offer IPL photorejuvenation customizable for a wide variety of skin types and conditions.

IPL Corrects These Common Skin Conditions

IPL, or Intense Pulsed Light treatment, is one of our top-rated skin rejuvenating procedures at Tiam Spa Virginia because it helps clients like you to achieve smoother, healthier, fresher, and positively glowing skin in less time.

At our Virginia location, we offer the IPL procedure as part of our wide range of light treatments designed to correct a multitude of common skin issues in the face, neck, chest, arms, and legs area including:

  • Excessive pigmentation
  • Brown Spots
  • Freckles
  • Liver or age spotsFine veins/spider veins
  • Broken blood vessels
  • Rosacea
  • Birthmarks and port wine stains
  • Red discoloration
  • Melasma
  • Rough, uneven skin texture
  • Seborrheic keratosis
  • Age spots
  • Large pore size
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Other conditions that lead to excess skin pigment

Bye Bye Age Spots, Hello Younger Looking Skin

IPL photorejuvenation is effective and safe. It works perfectly across a wide range of ages and skin conditions.

If you have skin problems like fine lines, age spots, or skin discoloration that won’t go away with chemical peels or other conventional treatments, then you may try IPL Photofacial. Its gentle yet penetrating pulsed light works extremely well to even out stubborn skin pigmentation.

Eliminates Visible Veins and Capillaries

IPL is absorbed by red blood cells, making the IPL Photofacial one of the best treatments for blood vessel abnormalities. If you have broken capillaries or spider veins, IPL can help you achieve a youthful glow. 

Prevents Premature Aging

IPL can change the structure of dermal cells and rejuvenate them to prevent premature aging. By treating aged dermal cells regularly with IPL, your skin may appear younger. If you have premature signs of aging like wrinkles, especially from sun damage, IPL Photofacial might be right for you. 

Not Just for Face

Photorejuvenation can be performed in more places than just your face. It can be used to renew the skin on your neck, chest, shoulders, hands, arms, and legs. If you have varicose veins, sun damage, scarring, or acne on these parts of the body, you might be a good candidate for IPL rejuvenation. 

Can Be Paired With Other Treatments

Because this treatment is non-invasive, IPL photofacial treatment can be paired with other non-invasive, non-surgical treatments such as BOTOX® and fillers. When paired with other treatments, you’ll see even better results as fillers can fill deeper wrinkles. 

Little Downtime

The photofacial can access the deep dermal layers, but it’s gentle enough to not cause excessive swelling or lasting side effects. This treatment requires no excessive time for recovery, and any redness should last only a few days.

Your complexion may appear red with slight sensitivity.

Quick Treatment

IPL Photofacial treatment typically takes little of your time, typically less than an hour to complete, depending on your skin. You can schedule your procedure around your other activities and commitments. 


Photofacial treatment prices vary depending on your provider and your unique situation. However, IPL Photofacial costs less than laser treatments and is typically safer and more convenient. 

What are the results that you can expect from a Photofacial treatment?

You’ll see improvement in your complexion within a series of treatments. Results of your  IPL Photofacial treatments are permanent. However, the skin is still susceptible to damage from sun exposure, so it’s important to take care of it. 

How Does IPL Treat Your Skin?

As your dermis naturally repairs itself from IPL treatments, it sheds off the dull and damaged outer layer of itself and reveals vibrant, supple, healthy new skin.

Intense pulsed light (IPL) also breaks down dark pigment like age spots and freckles to create a more even-colored complexion. 

Treatment for Pigmentation & Hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation is commonly seen as skin ages and is typically harmless. A number of factors can cause pigmentation changes, but the most common culprit is UV rays. You may mostly notice changes in pigment on your hands and face; however, pigmentation can be changed on any area of the body exposed to UV rays.

Hormonal fluctuations can also cause hyperpigmentation and melasma, resembling age spots.

No matter the cause of pigmentation changes, IPL Photofacial treatments can better balance your skin tone. Light IPL can eliminate spots that may appear dark in pigmentation through gentle light wavelengths. Minor pigmentation concerns may be gone after just one session.

Minimize Acne Scars

When treated with IPL Photofacial patients can expect minimization of acne and scars. It also kills bacteria while reducing redness and inflammation. IPL photofacial treatment helps the skin shed and renew the outer layer. However, to do this, you may need repeated treatments.

A Light IPL photofacial treatment requires you to cease the use of topical and systemic acne medications for up to six months and is recommended only for those whose skin does not seem to benefit from the use of medication alone.

Minimize Sunspots and Rosacea

If you’ve always loved spending your days at the beach or out in the sun, you may have noticed changes to your skin. While a tan looks great, the sun is actually very detrimental to your skin. Sun damage and many other skin conditions associated with aging are a result of exposure to UV radiation.

The sun breaks down collagen in the skin, making it weaker and more susceptible to sagging and wrinkles as you age. UV damage also causes dark spots, typically called age spots, to form on areas that have been exposed, like your face and hands. It can also give skin a leathery appearance.

An IPL photofacial procedure helps combat the effects of skin damage from the sun by penetrating and drawing out discolorations and reducing the number of age sp. Discolored cells are dissolved. At the same time, intense pulsed light rids your skin of age spots or excessive freckling.

Next, the skin generates new collagen to replace depleted collagen stores as a result of UV exposure. The healing process creates stronger, supple skin.

An IPL Photofacial procedure may also be recommended for diminishing the appearance and discomfort of rosacea.

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About Tiam Spa

Virginia-based Tiam Spa Center provides our patients with a hands-on approach. We understand that everyone’s skin is different, and there is no one solution for everyone. 

That’s why we offer a free phone consultation to get to know you and your story. 

IPL Photofacial Treatment Common Questions

Am I a Good Candidate for IPL Photorejuvenation?

If you have sun-damaged skin, if you’ve been exposed to harsh weather, if you are suffering from skin spots and you do not want a lot of downtimes, then IPL photorejuvenation treatment may work best for you.

At Tiam Spa Virginia, we offer many laser treatments, we advise you to schedule a consultation with us to discuss your concerns so that we may help you select the best laser technologies to address your specific concerns.

Is it right for me?

IPL treatment may be right for you if you’re experiencing age spot, fine lines and wrinkles, rosacea, spider veins, and acne scarring. However, to truly determine if it’s the right fix for your concerns, it’s best to schedule a consultation with one of our skilled specialists. 

What can I expect from an IPL Therapy Procedure?

An IPL Photofacial treatment can last anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes, depending on your needs. The specialist performing the procedure will walk you through the process prior to your appointment and answer any questions that you may have. Redness can be expected in the treated area for a few hours to days following the procedure.

How soon can I see visible results from light energy treatment?

Results will be visible within a few days of treatment for many patients. You can expect to see a smoother, brighter appearance. However, you can expect to see more benefits in the following days and weeks as your dermis produces collagen. 

How much does an IPL Photofacial procedure cost?

The cost of IPL depends on your unique needs. You may require more than one treatment. 

What are your policies?

Please click here to review our Tiam Spa Policies.

Benefits of IPL Photofacial Treatments

IPL photorejuvenation works across a variety of skin conditions. Our clients at Tiam Spa Virginia experience the following results after a series of treatments.

  • Diminished appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

  • Spider veins reduction

  • Less redness, brown spots, and pigment discoloration

  • Improved skin tone

  • Tightened pores

  • Less acne and inflammation

  • Reduction of sunspots in the face, chest, and neck

  • Improved appearance of scars

  • Recovery from sun damage and extreme weather conditions

  • Improvement of vascular lesions (broken capillaries, telangiectasia, and rosacea)

  • Tighter skin

  • Better collagen and elastin production

  • A noticeable glow even without makeup

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The IPL Photofacial Procedure

Unlike laser treatments that rely on a single intense wavelength of energy, photofacial uses broad-spectrum light. It is safer and more efficient than other treatments as it targets various skin layers at once while protecting your healthy skin.

Not only does it corrects your skin’s imperfections but it also makes your skin look younger by stimulating collagen growth. IPL photorejuvenation does this by using light flashes to promote collagen production in the treated area. The result – visible reduction of your spots, discolorations, fine line, and freckles as well as bouncy, youthful-looking skin.

Does IPL Treatment Cause Pain?

IPL photorejuvenation doesn’t cause pain, although some may experience minimal discomfort during the procedure. Some of our clients at Tiam Spa describe the feeling as mini rubber bands snapping on the treated area. Some patients even feel the mild heat. The uncomfortable feeling does go away in a few seconds due to the use of cooling gel.

How Long Does One IPL Session Take?

IPL photorejuvenation procedure takes less time than the usual laser sessions. You can have your procedure done in as fast as five minutes. And depending on the size of the treated area, the procedure may go as long as 25 minutes. If you are in the Virginia area, you can schedule your treatment on your lunch break and have it done in less than 3o minutes time.

How many IPL treatments will I need?

Results vary depending on your current skin condition. You would typically need about 3-6 treatments before you see dramatic results. You might also need maintenance for your treatment area at least once a year. Our team at Tiam Spa VA will give you a customized treatment program that would work best with your availability and work schedule.

Come visit Tiam Spa for an IPL photofacial Virginia clients trust and love.

Before and after IPL treatment

What to expect after the treatment:

After your treatment, your skin may feel warm to the touch. It can sting a little like the sensation you got from a mild sunburn. Some clients experience mild swelling – remember that this is normal.

You might feel the warm sensation and you will observe redness for a few hours.

There might also be some swelling that will subside within 24 hours. Your brown spots and sun spots may look darker after the treatment with some skin crust. It usually falls off revealing a fresher-looking treatment area after a few days.

Avoid heavy foundations after your treatment. You may wear lightweight mineral-based makeup. Take note not to rub your skin around the treated area. Use a makeup brush during the first weeks after your IPL photofacial treatment.

How Much Does IPL Photofacial Cost?

The cost of IPL photofacial treatment will vary depending on the patients’ severity of your skin condition as well as the number of treatments needed. We offer a free phone consultation at Tiam Spa so you can get an estimate of how much your IPL would cost.

Tiam Spa: IPL Photorejuvenation at its Finest

The first step to spotless and youthful-looking skin is to book a consultation for your first IPL treatment. We will answer all your questions as we create a personalized schedule and treatment plan for your unique condition.

Revive your skin tone and look your best without pain or downtime with IPL Photofacial at Tiam Spa, VA.

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What are your policies?

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