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Tiam Spa in McLean, VA, offers a variety of skin tightening and laser hair removal services. At Tiam Spa, we use the latest technology to tighten skin safely and permanently remove hair. Clients can receive pain-free treatments for the body and face with our procedures.

We are dedicated to providing effective and efficient individualized service. We not only take your skin type and hair color into consideration but also your medical history. This provides the best results for everyone. Dr. Nazam cultivates a close relationship with all the patients and offers a non-invasive laser skin tightening treatment to achieve a natural look they are happy with. Contact us to book a free phone consultation for one of our treatments today.

Skin Tightening Treatments

Dr. Nazam at Tiam Spa provides whichever skin tightening treatment that will work best for you. We will provide you with a comprehensive consultation that includes testing to determine your suitability for the requested procedure on your first visit. Our laser treatments are all non-invasive and correct many skin issues. These include:

  • Wrinkles
  • Excess fat
  • Redness
  • Stretch marks
  • Scarring

The results of skin tightening procedures from Tiam Spa can last months depending on age and other environmental factors. For example, a regular skin routine that uses skin firming serums and lotions will help maintain the results. Follow the recommended instructions, and you will have longer-lasting results.

The pricing of the procedures will depend on the size of the treated area and how loose the skin is. For this reason, there is no base price. To learn more about our pricing, schedule an appointment to see how we can help you. There are helpful links provided on our website to help you discover the right procedure for you, or you can request a free phone consultation.

With a laser, we penetrate the outer layers of the epidermis, causing it to tighten and look more radiant. Due to aging, there may be a lack of elasticity in the skin. Laser skin tightening treatment uses a laser pulse to make up for this lack of elasticity. This helps to smooth out wrinkles on places like the face and neck. It’s the preferred treatment method for skin tightening because it is non-invasive.

We recommend receiving treatment multiple times to keep it as taut as you want it. We are more than happy to assess the areas you are most concerned about. We also give you advice on the current status of your skin before deciding on a treatment plan.

The carbon laser facial removes the top layer of skin, leaving it clearer and smoother than ever before. The gentle procedure rejuvenates aging and damaged layers to provide you with a more even tone, reduced redness, and smoothed wrinkles. The CLF is a non-invasive and safe laser skin procedure that targets the pores to stimulate collagen production with the use of liquid carbon. This treatment is known as the Hollywood Laser Peel because of its popularity among celebrities. This treatment has less downtime and a reduced chance of redness compared to chemical peels.

IPL (intense pulsed light treatment) is not the same as using a laser pulse treatment. That’s because the light energy gets through to the underlying layers and is absorbed by the melanin and the red blood cells to generate heat. A superficial injury is created but is short-lived, which activates your skin’s healing abilities. Unlike other procedures, there are no incisions. This procedure can be performed on the face and other body parts, including:

  • Neck
  • Chest
  • Shoulders
  • Hands
  • Legs

New collagen will develop to keep your skin looking healthy.

Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) uses a light-based energy laser that stimulates voluntary muscle contractions to create a more toned look to resemble an intense workout. This treatment is non-surgical and requires little to no downtime after each treatment session.

The targeted muscles may feel sore afterward, but this is completely normal. To make up for the extreme conditions, your muscles feed on calories and fat near the area to tone places like your abdomen, buttocks, and wherever else you would like treated.

We recommend you schedule 20 to 30-minute treatment sessions. For the best results, leave two to three days between treatments.

Fate freeze, also known as cryolipolysis, is a body sculpting & contouring treatment that targets problem areas where you cannot tighten your skin, no matter how much you work out. This treatment does not use lasers. Instead panels freeze fat.

If you gain weight after receiving treatment, new fat will be distributed evenly in the body except in the treated areas where the fat cells have been permanently destroyed. This skin tightening procedure helps naturally process fat and eliminate it through the lymph system. It can also reduce the presence of new stretch marks.

Laser light technology reduces the appearance of red skin and acne scars. The laser procedure is painless and takes only a few minutes. Many patients come in and get it done during lunch breaks. If you have a scheduled operation Monday, you should have your laser treatment with clearer skin by the end of the week. The laser cannot fully eliminate scarring, but it will give your skin a smoother surface and reduce the redness from scarring. Your skin will look more even without having to use makeup.

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Dr. Nazam creates a safe environment for every patient. His goal is to treat every patient with compassion and high-quality procedures. Dr. Nazam will walk you through the entire process so you know exactly what to expect.

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