Bestselling Laser Hair Removal and Treatments in Virginia

Tiam Spa offers Laser Hair Removal Packages, CoolSculpting Sessions, Facial Laser Treatments and more. Get a free consultation today.

Services We Offer

Laser Hair Removal

Remove unpleasant, unwanted hair from your face and body. Most permanent way to reduce hair growth with lasting results.

IPL Photo Rejuvenation

Decrease the appearance of brown spots, melasma, and sun damage. Great treatment without undergoing a full surgical procedure.

Vein Removal

Revolutionary, minimally-invasive treatment for varicose and spider veins, improving the appearance of your legs.

Carbon Laser Facial

Laser technology that removes the top layer of skin which leaves behind an amazing glow that is vibrant and youthful.

Skin tightening

A laser penetrates the outer layers of the skin, which causes it to tighten and look more radiant and younger looking.

Acne Treatment

Reduce the appearance of acne scars significantly, and face the world with beauty and confidence.

Fat Freeze

Correct unwanted and unsightly areas of fat with our body-sculpting procedure.