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Laser hair removal is the safest and most permanent way to remove unwanted hair. Our medspa utilizes the latest technologies so we can offer these virtually pain-free treatments for the face and body.

Who We Are

We are dedicated to providing effective and efficient Laser Hair Removal in McLean, Virginia. Your treatments will not only be performed based on your skin type and hair color but also your medical history and past results.

Experts in Skin Care and Laser Hair Removal

Armed with the latest and best technologies, our Laser Hair Removal specialists are certified to give you the best pain-free treatment.

Unparalleled Customer Service

Our team values your time so we make sure each experience is unforgettable.

Tiam Kazemi

Your Safety and Convenience is our top priority

Our clients should not only feel safe, but they should feel comfortable. Our team cares about our patients and we strive to provide the best quality customer service.

Our Medical Spa Hair Removal Certifications

Armed with the latest and greatest technologies, our Laser Hair Removal specialists are certified to give you the best pain-free treatments. The owner of our medspa,  Tiam Kazemi, is also certified in many non-surgical aesthetic treatments using state of the art technology.

Customer Service

Our medspa team values your time, so we make sure each experience is unforgettable. We offer a free consultation so that you can learn about the different services we offer.

Certified & Committed To Excellence

Our MedSpa Services

Laser Hair Removal

Remove unpleasant, unwanted hair from your face and body. Laser hair removal is the most permanent way to reduce hair growth with lasting results. Our medspa offers laser hair removal services that offer real, visible results.

IPL Photo Rejuvenation

Decrease the appearance of brown spots, melasma, and sun damage. Tiam Spa medspa offers great skin treatments that are non-surgical and non-invasive. We treat your facial skin gently with quality, effective procedures.

Skin tightening

A laser penetrates the outer layers of the skin, which causes it to tighten and look more radiant and younger-looking. You can get a more youthful glow with fewer lines and wrinkles with non-surgical skin tightening.

Carbon Laser Facial

Laser technology removes the top layer of skin, which leaves behind an amazing glow that is vibrant and youthful.

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MedSpa Client Testimonials

Customer satisfaction is most important to us. When you feel happy, then we do too!
OMG I have found my new spot. I went in to get the RF and wrinkle therapy for under eye. After the first treatment I’m really wowed. My under-eye looks so plump.
Ommah Berry
Tiam Spa is the only place I would go to for laser skincare services. She is kind, patient, and most importantly, extremely knowledgeable about her work.
This laser center is wonderful, I highly recommend going to here if you are seeking treatment! It is not too painful and she really makes sure everything is taken care of the right way.
Diala Khatib
Best place for laser removal. This place is the best I have ever been to. They are professional, fast, very reasonably priced and friendly.
Lily R.
This place is absolutely wonderful! It’s such a nice experience and Tiam is very knowledgeable in skin care and has many years of experience.
Madrouna Ishak

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