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Do you have tattoo regrets? Don’t worry; tattoos aren’t as permanent as you may believe. Laser tattoo removal can help you make your tattoo nearly invisible.

TiamSPA specializes in laser tattoo removal in Vienna, Virginia. We can fully remove tattoos or lighten them, so you can easily cover them up.

Our team of laser experts has extensive laser training with many years of experience. With our comprehensive tattoo removal laser, we’re able to safely remove tattoos of all colors on people of all skin types.

Our laser removes tattoos using a variety of light wavelengths targeting different ink colors. The light passes the top layer of skin and the ink absorbs it causing it to break down into small particles, which the body then removes naturally.

Tattoo removal time and the number of treatments depend on tattoo type. Professional tattoos may need up to 12 treatments for complete tattoos. Amateur tattoos may need up to five treatments. It’s important to wait six to eight weeks between treatments.

 How It Works

tattoos removal

Tattoo appearance may fade more than 95 percent with most of them disappearing completely. However, results vary widely depending on the tattoo ink that was used and the depth of its application.

Tattoos with dark blue, black, and red inks are easier to remove than those that are orange and purple. Green, light blue and yellow tattoos are the most difficult to remove.

 Laser Tattoo Removal


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