Laser Hair Removal in McLean, Virginia

Are you tired of razor burn or the pain of waxing? Laser hair removal can help.


Laser Hair Removal Treatment in VA

Laser hair removal is a safe and effective procedure that removes hair by disabling the hair follicle with laser light energy. It’s painless and produces long-lasting results. 

Laser Hair Removal might be for you if you want

To decrease ingrown hairs

Long-lasting results and a cost-effective treatment

To decrease appearance of unwanted hair

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Our laser hair removal services in McLean have helped many people live a carefree life with no hair on their


Upper Lip





If you’re considering laser hair removal for the face or body, consider the following information.
Safe for Most Skin Types

To know if your skin type is appropriate for laser hair removal, contact us for a free consultation.

Treatment Under an Hour

Procedure time depends on what is being treated,but it ranges from 15 minutes to 45 minutes.

Affordable Pricing

Many people are surprised that laser hair removal isn’t as expensive as they initially thought. We’re unable to provide specific prices here, as the cost depends on the area(s) treated,how much hair, and the number of treatments needed for hairless results.

Maximum Results Between 7 and 21 Days

Within three weeks, you should see the full results of the treatment. Many people require more than one treatment for hairless results.

Slight Redness for a Side Effect

The most common side effect is mild, temporary redness where the treatment occurred.

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Free Consultations for Laser Hair
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If you’re interested in laser hair removal in McLean, contact us now for a free consultation . Our specialists will discuss the results you desire, assess the treatment areas, and providing recommendations, including if your skin type tolerates it and how much it will cost.

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