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Save time, money, and effort with advanced Laser Hair Removal treatment done by a certified professional. Tiam Spa is a leading Laser Hair Removal Clinic in Mclean.

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Laser hair removal just came to your town! Tiam Spa is now located in Mclean. Mclean is a city full of luxuries with family-friendly places and quality housing and public schools. Now it’s a place where you can pamper yourself with laser treatment hair removal too.

You don’t have to wait any longer to rid yourself of unwanted, stubborn facial hair, body hair, or ingrown hairs and improve the appearance of your skin.

Benefits of Laser Hair Treatments at Tiam Spa

Tiam Spa, Laser & Skin Center offers the latest, most advanced skin care technology when it comes to safe and professional laser hair removal services. 


Now that we're located nearby, there's no reason not to get laser hair removal. Stop putting off getting rid of unwanted hair or annoying ingrown hairs. Treatment is so simple that there's no recovery time, and you can resume normal daily activities immediately after leaving our laser and skin center.


When it comes to hair removal services, many people choose not to get medical surgery because it's invasive. One significant benefit of laser hair removal is that it's safe and non-invasive, meaning that it requires no surgery. Instead, it uses advanced technology to treat the hair follicles so that hair is unlikely to regrow.


Because we offer competitive pricing based on your specific needs and treatment area, we can offer you great, affordable deals on body hair removal and skin care in Virginia. 

Staff With a Hands-On Approach

With years of experience, our staff of professionals provide a hands-on, effective approach when it comes to all of our clients. We know that everyone has different needs, skin types and tones, and problem areas. 

Certified & Committed To Excellence

Our Process

Looking and feeling your best with laser hair removal is easy, thanks to a simple process using the latest laser technology. Our effective process requires little less than an hour of your time.

During treatment, hair follicles are directly targeted, and active-growth hair follicles are disabled. This means that hair will no longer grow where that follicle has been damaged.

Once the procedure is finished, you’ll be given a cold compress and anti-inflammatory cream if necessary to help with any irritation.

Results are typically seen immediately after treatment but may take up to three weeks to see the full effect.

Frequently Asked Questions

Pricing depends on a number of factors including gender, hair growth pattern, and skin type.

The usual skin treatment areas for laser hair removal are: 

  • Face
  • Upper lip 
  • Underarms
  • Back
  • Legs
  • Bikini area
  • Brazilian

During your free consultation with us, we'll be able to take a look at the area and come up with the right solution for you. 

Recovery time after treatment is short. In fact, you'll be able to resume normal activities as soon as treatment is completed. You'll be given highly detailed instructions for how to care for the treated skin that must be followed to ensure results. 

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