Body Sculpting & Contouring Treatment in Vienna, VA

Experience the difference with Tiam’s Fat Freeze also known as Body Contouring. Located conveniently near Vienna, VA. Schedule a free consultation today.

Body Sculpting & Contouring Treatment in Vienna, VA

Experience the difference with Tiam’s Fat Freeze also known as Body Contouring. Located conveniently near Vienna, VA. Schedule a free consultation today.

Easy Vienna, VA Fat Freeze + Superior Results

Getting rid of stubborn fat without surgery in Virginia is possible. Many people still aren’t happy with their body contours even after diet and exercise. Having problem areas of stubborn fats, including love handles, doesn’t mean you’re unhealthy or overweight, but it can lower your confidence. Now, you can freeze away your fat in Vienna, VA and finally reduce fat without medical surgery and without going under the knife

How Beneficial is Vienna Fat Freeze Body Contouring?

Vienna Fat Freeze procedure offers patients tons of benefits. Including;

Reduce Fat

Fat freeze is a fat reduction technology not a weight-loss treatment. Simply put, your body is filled with fat cells. When you gain weight, that fatty tissue expands to make room for extra fat deposits within your body.

While the goal of weight loss is to reduce the fat within these cells, it doesn't get rid of the fat cells themselves. With fat cells still there, you can gain weight in these areas again. Through controlled cooling, Fat freeze treatment destroys fatty tissue cells using cold temperatures. However, if you gain weight after the body contouring procedures, your body will distribute the fat evenly.

Fat freeze treatment works for those within 30 pounds of their ideal weight to destroy fat, which is then eliminated through the body's natural processes.

No Surgery

Because Fat freeze procedure is non-invasive and non-surgical, there's little to no downtime. Since there's no surgery necessary for treatments, most patients can resume their normal activities as soon as they leave our spa. You may experience a few minor side effects, including redness and soreness, but they will subside within a few hours to a few days.

Minimal Side Effects

Compared to plastic surgery, there are fewer side effects with Fat freeze. While you may experience minor bruising, skin sensitivity, tingling, tenderness, or aching, these side effects are minor compared to surgery like liposuction.

What is the procedure for Fat freeze in Vienna, VA?

The Fat freeze procedure typically lasts only 35 minutes, which means that you’ll still have time to run your errands after treatment. If you’re targeting more than one area, your procedure may last longer. During the procedure, your technician will place gel pads on your target areas to protect the skin from the precisely controlled cooling of the Fat freeze applicator. The advanced technology involved with Fat freeze allows the applicator to target fat cells, destroying them. When the machine is turned on, the applicator will be placed on the target area. Patients may feel the coldness on their skin during the Fat freeze procedure. During this time, they can relax and watch their favorite show on Netflix or read a book. After treatment, the certified Fat freeze technician will discuss instructions for care. There is little aftercare involved with Fat freeze treatments, but it’s important you follow the instructions when it comes to maintaining your weight so that you can see the full results after three months.
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Why Choose Tiam Spa for Fat Reduction in Vienna, VA?

Located in Vienna, VA Tiam Spa Laser & Skin Clinic provides exceptional patient care. With experience, certified Fat freeze experts, you can rest assured that your problem areas will be a thing of the past without surgery.

We offer free consultation appointments so that our patients can discuss their concerns with our technicians in-person. Once we’ve addressed your contents, we will come up with the best treatment plan for you.

Fat freeze Body Contouring in Northern Virginia FAQs

Fat freeze is not painful before, after, or during the procedure. If you're concerned about pain, our technician can offer you a numbing agent to make the experience more comfortable. However, many patients don't require numbing of any kind. Unlike other body contouring procedures, there is only mild discomfort associated with Fat freeze. 

Fat freeze is a safe and effective treatment for problem areas. However, it is not a weight-loss treatment, so it's best for those who are within 30 pounds of their ideal weight. Those who have already implemented a healthy lifestyle, including proper diet and exercise, may benefit from Fat freeze the most because it helps them supplement their hard work. 

Unfortunately, Fat freeze might not be for everyone. Some patients should not try due to the risk of complications. During your consultation, your expert will discuss your medical history and health concerns with you to determine whether or not you're the right candidate for treatment. 

Fat freeze treatment can target and eliminate fat in the areas of the body, including: 

  • Abdomen (belly)
  • Sides, flanks (love handles)
  • Thighs
  • Chin/Neck (double chin)
  • Back
  • Bra bulge
  • Buttocks 

Fat freeze is also an effective solution for minimizing the appearance of cellulite, particularly in the thighs. In order for Fat freeze to be effective, there must be a treatable amount of fat on the body. 

How many sessions you'll need will depend on the expectations of your results. However, many patients are happy after just one treatment. In fact, you can expect to see a 20-25% reduction in fat in the treated areas after just one treatment. You'll find out how many sessions are recommended to get the results you want during your consultation. 

Fat freeze is safe for most patients. However, it's important to consult with your medical care provider if you have any underlying health concerns. Because it's non-invasive and non-surgical, the risk of complications is exponentially reduced when compared to invasive and body contouring procedures like liposuction. 

Fat freeze treatments require zero downtime, which is why it's typically a better option than plastic surgery for busy men and women for reducing stubborn fat. With no downtime required, you can schedule your Fat freeze appointment in between other engagements. After your treatment at our spa, you can resume normal daily activities. 

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