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The fat freeze procedure came about in a very interesting way

About Fat Freeze

Recently, the massive popularity of liposuction procedures has spurred the development of a wide range of non-invasive treatments that help to correct unwanted and unsightly areas of fat. These fat deposits are notoriously unresponsive to changes to diet and exercise.

Some treatments that have been developed for removing fat include high-intensity ultrasound, low-level laser, and cryolysis, more popularly known as the body-sculpting fat freeze.

Body-Sculpting Fat Freeze Procedure Development

The fat freeze procedure came about in a very interesting way. A few years ago, two Harvard doctors observed that the cheeks of children tend to form dimples after they have eaten popsicles. The doctors quickly came to the realization that the extreme cold from the popsicles actually eliminated small numbers of fat cells and left surrounding tissue and skin unaffected. This discovery led to the development of the body-sculpting fat freeze procedure.

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Five Benefits of Fat Freezing

No surgery or anesthesia is required to complete the procedure.

The procedure is non-invasive and allows patients to resume normal life quickly.

Fat freezing helps to both transfer fat and tighten skin.

Eliminates stubborn cellulite.

Does not harm skin tissue, blood vessels or nerves.

Fat Freezing: Good candidates

Although fat freezing is extremely effective, it is not for everyone. The best candidates for this procedure need the removal of stubborn fat that is unresponsive to diet or exercise. Fat freezing should not be considered as a replacement for healthy weight loss. While the fat cells that are destroyed by the treatment never return, surviving fat cells can grow in size if the patient does not exercise healthy lifestyle choices following their treatment.

The best candidates for fat freezing

Are in good overall health and have good skin elasticity.

Have fat that can be pulled away from the body for treatment.

Have distinct and discrete fat pockets with defined borders.

Are reasonably close to their target body weight.

Procedure Details

The body-contouring fat freeze involves the use of vacuum fat freezing. It reaches deep down into subsurface tissues, removing stubborn fat into the equipment handle that also delivers freezing temperatures. This freezing energy is controlled precisely using a special extraction device, which is then transferred to areas of fat.

Areas of fat in the target zone are eliminated. Triglycerides found in the fat are transformed from liquid to a solid-state, which causes them to crystallize and be destroyed. Later, your own body will remove the destroyed fat and eliminate it safely. The process of human metabolism will accomplish this task for you without any additional treatment being required.

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Who should not undergo Fat Freezing:

Fat freezing is safe for most people, but there are a few medical conditions that would forbid a patient from undergoing the procedure.

Cryoglobulinemia is a medical condition that leads to blood coagulation when blood reaches below a certain temperature. This could lead to dangerous blood clots.

A rare condition called Paroxysmal cold hemoglobinuria can also prevent a fat freezing procedure because cold temperatures could lead to anemia, requiring a blood transfusion in severe cases.

Those who are hypersensitive to cold temperatures, like individuals with pernio, chilblains, or Raynaud’s disease cannot have a fat freezing procedure.

When you are suffering from one of these conditions, please inform us prior to your treatment.

Other conditions that make the patient ineligible for this procedure include those who have undergone certain forms of plastic surgery that require different types of implants. Also, certain types of injections like wrinkle removal or hyaluronic acid fillers may make you ineligible for the procedure.

Those with heart disease, hypertension, malignant tumors, diabetes, or severe thyroid problems may be ineligible for this treatment. Anyone with a wound or skin trauma may also be ineligible for fat freezing.

Finally, the following conditions may make you ineligible for a fat freezing treatment:

  • Women who are currently pregnant or menstruating.
  • Certain individuals with infectious diseases or skin diseases.
  • People with liver disease.
  • People using vasodilators, anticoagulants, or corticosteroids on a long-term basis.

What happens to the
destroyed fat?

The fat in your body is contained within small cells that can increase or decrease in size as your weight fluctuates during your life. During a body-sculpting fat freezing procedure, as many as one-quarter of these cells can be destroyed, which leads to them releasing the fat they are containing. Your body will then reabsorb this fat over the course of the next few weeks after your treatment. You will not even notice that this process is occurring.

Once the treated fat cells have been destroyed, they are gone for good. However, the remaining fat cells can still increase in size if you put on additional weight after your fat freeze treatment. That is why it is important to eat properly, exercise, and maintain a healthy weight after your treatment, since this procedure is not an alternative to healthy weight loss.

Preparing for your
fat-freezing procedure

Before undergoing your fat freezing procedure, you should refrain from taking anti-inflammatory medications. This is because the treatment can sometimes result in minor skin bruising that is exacerbated by these types of medications. Keeping this in mind, you should always consult with your doctor before you stop taking any type of medication that is prescribed or recommended by your doctor.

Most fat freezing patients do not experience any pain whatsoever. Even though you will probably not experience any pain or discomfort after your procedure, you can always prepare in case you are one of the rare ones. In most cases, over-the-counter pain medications should control any adverse events related to discomfort.

Frequently Asked Questions about Fat Freeze

Following your fat freezing treatment, undergo regular exercise and eat a healthy diet. This is because the procedure will not alter your normal metabolism, so if you do not exercise and are eating too much, your weight can rebound.

It should take about a month or two to begin seeing results from your treatment. The time can vary somewhat, depending upon your individual metabolism and constitution. The treatment works by taking advantage of the fact that fat is not resistant to cold temperatures. It will take a little time to notice that fat cells have crystallized, been destroyed, and removed by your body.

Since a vacuum is used during the procedure, the most that you would feel is a slight tugging sensation or localized coldness at the site of treatment. This is more noticeable at the start of the treatment. Average treatment time is around 45 minutes. After your fat freezing treatment, you may notice minor swelling or numbness at the treatment site. This should begin fading fairly soon and not interfere with your daily activities.

Following your fat freezing treatment, you will likely experience some temporary numbness and redness at the treatment site. Massaging the area at this time can result in skin damage, since the treated skin will not be as tight as it once was.

Since body-sculpting fat freezing treatments do not require incisions, no stitches or anesthesia are needed. This means that your recovery time should be extremely short and pleasant. Most patients require no downtime whatsoever. You can immediately begin eating and drinking anything that you would like and return to work or your normal activities right away.

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